Some may have question, how do we get sell products below their retail selling price?

We sell styles from past seasons, overstock, shelf pulls and closeouts. That is how we can sell products at discount prices, coupled with the fact that as an online store we have lower overhead costs and lower profit margins. 

You can shop with confidence knowing that all of our designer merchandise is guaranteed authentic and brand new. All products come complete with authenticity labels or cards, tags, dust bags and/or boxes.

Overstock is an unsold product, merchandise a store purchased more of than it could sell. These products are from a past season sold at special prices in order to make room for next season's items. It is also merchandise a manufacturer (design house) produced more of than it could sell. These products are sold at special prices in order to move the inventory. 

Shelf pulls are products that are pulled off the shelves by stores and sold as closeouts or liquidations to reduce their inventory. The products are pulled because of seasonal reasons but also due to discontinued product lines. 

Closeouts are discontinued colors, sizes or styles of products that are no longer part of a design house's current product line. Closeouts or clearance sales are also the final sale of items to zero inventory. It may be a given style that is not selling well, unneeded inventory, last season's stock items or the closure of a retail store due to relocation. 

Please note: Most designer stores carry different inventory and products manufactured for Europe are slightly different than products manufactured for the USA or for other countries. Most of the products we carry were manufactured for Europe. A designer handbag or accessory manufactured for this season, and currently in stores, may have subtle differences from the same style manufactured in a previous season. Some designer handbags or accessories that originate from outlet stores or retail stores may have slight leather scuffs, scratches to metalwork, etc due to storage/regular handling by in store salespeople and/or customer returns, which occurred prior to us acquiring the products. Some of the products may also have shelf wear from sitting on a display shelf. This is purely cosmetic in nature and has no affect on the usability of the designer handbags or accessories. 

At Naella, your satisfaction is very important to us; therefore, contact anytime if you have questions.

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